¨   A great way to a younger/brighter  smile


¨   The perfect “finishing touch” after braces


¨   Safe, Easy and Inexpensive


 Whether you have had braces or not, it’s never too late to brighten your teeth! 

 If your General Dentist does not offer tooth whitening, ask us!


 What’s involved? 2 appointments & simple instructions for absolutely whiter   teeth…!

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            Save $10 off whitening

Teeth Whitening

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Contact sports require protection for the mouth. A custom-fitted mouth guard can protect against broken or lost teeth and even concussion. They also fit better, do not fall out easily and are easier to speak with. I have a program in my office to provide high quality custom-fitted mouthguards to any school-aged child for $25 (normally $110).

Eder Orthodontic

Student Custom Mouthguards

Starting at $25.00!!!

Two short appointments are all that is required. The first to make a mold of the upper teeth, and the second a few days later to deliver the guard to you.  It’s that easy!


Guards are available with or without straps and in


Green  Black  Red  Yellow  Blue  Purple



Soccer « Football « Hockey « LaCrosse « Karate ...

Athletic Mouthguards

Professional CUSTOM Mouthguards by:

With Graphics: $60.00

Without Graphics: $35.00


Used by professional athletes in any type of contact sport: wrestling, boxing, ultimate fighting, soccer, etc, etc.  Please click here to visit their website for more details.