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The goal of this page is to inform you about orthodontic services which may help you treat your patients.Dr. Eder can assist in prosthetically-driven interdisciplinary treatment via:


® Pre-prosthetic redistribution of spaces

® Molar uprighting

® Forced eruption for implant-site development

® Pre-Orthognathic Surgical tooth movement

® Palatal Expansion

® Class II or III correction

® Adult and Childrenís Comprehensive Orthodontics

® Breaking thumbsucking habits

Oral Hygiene Maintenance During Orthodontic Treatment


I instruct my patients at the time of appliance placement that they must see their dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and check-ups.


I note oral hygiene at each patient visit and reinforce as required.


At the beginning of treatment, all patients are instructed how to brush at least three times per day with braces on and the proper use of a Proxy-Brush and dental floss to clean under the archwires and between the brackets.


Listerine rinses are suggested daily, and flossing is encouraged.


Patients who are not maintaining proper oral hygiene are at risk for gingivitis, decalcification, and caries. I prescribe Peridex to any patient with significant gingival inflammation, because the swelling prohibits adequate brushing (at least with a manual toothbrush).The pseudopocket can not be adequately cleaned and leaves the underlying enamel at risk for decalcification and caries.


I will not begin treatment on a patient with poor oral hygiene until it

improves, and I have removed appliances on occasion prior to the

completion of treatment if home-care is consistently poor.

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